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On-Time & Reliable

Our vans are also equipped with
GPS enabled tracking systems to
help our friendly dispatchers to
accurately schedule and dispatch our drivers and vans.

This also allows us to monitor
your transport, and real time
adjustments, to ensure you get
where you need to be on time,
as well as reschedule rides
if needed.

We understand the importance
of on time service and take
pride in our drivers' ability to
provide reliable, and dependable,
quality transportation services.

Our vans are equipped with
luxury interiors, as well as
hydraulic systems comfort
for our wheelchair, dialysis
and disabled clients.

Our drivers' and staff are
dedicated to providing
excellent and respectful care.

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Our Drivers & Our Vans

•High top, luxury vehicles with hydraulic lifts, equipped with A.D.A. approved tie down systems to secure wheelchairs.

•You can depend on us during extreme weather conditions. We winterize our vehicles, including using extra wide grip tires for more traction during winter driving conditions.

•Our clients return again and again for reliable transportation service; asking for our drivers by his or her first name.

•Are compassionate and understand
the special needs of each client.

•Are committed to client safety.

•Ensure comfort by completing
daily vehicle safety inspections
and cleaning.

•Meet the qualifications of the State
of Ohio EMS Division.


You Will Smile

Once you are in our database, an individual account is established, so we may set up all your future trips with absolute accuracy.

We also update your account with emergency contacts, special instructions (for example: pick up at side door, recent knee surgery, etc.), preferred payment method, Medicaid number (if applicable), and other specific details our drivers need to know about you when they arrive for your transport.

After all, the more information we have about you, the more prepared we can be, giving you the best possible experience.

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